Who We Are………

Voss Funeral Service is the premier funeral service provider in Jackson County and the surrounding area. We understand the emotional and time consuming demands placed upon families at the loss of a loved one.  Our understanding and compassionate staff are dedicated to assist you. Our family owned business can support the community directly without concern of corporate approval or control.  In a day when many funeral homes are owned by huge conglomerates that have no regard for community  involvement, we are committed to maintaining family ownership.  This enables us to support and remain active in the communities we serve.

Our History…..

oldvosspicThe history of Voss & Sons dates back to 1857 when Fred Voss purchased a business site on the corner of Tipton and Chestnut Streets in Seymour from Captain Meedy W. Shields.  It was at this first location that   Fred Voss operated Seymour’s first Cooper Shop.  In 1899 on this same site Fred Voss and his son Frank J. Voss established a furniture store and  funeral parlor.  For a few months this business was conducted under   the name of Fred Voss, but was soon changed to Frank J. Voss.  In future years Walter Voss, son of Frank J. joined the firm followed by   Walter “Bud” and Tom, sons of Walter.  As the funeral service   expanded in the late 1920′s, it became apparent that larger quarters were needed and the Charles Leininger home at 316 North Chestnut Street was purchased.  This brick home was built in 1876 and is the present  location of Voss and Sons Funeral Service, Inc.  After an improvement program was mapped out and rooms were added, interior walls changed, and the building rearranged, the new mortuary was opened to the public in 1930. vossbuildingfrontOn July 4, 1959, Kenneth E. Spoor moved from Louisville, KY to Seymour to work for “Bud” and Tom Voss.  Kenneth was born in Whiting, IN and graduated from Fordsville High School in Fordsville, KY and also from Kentucky School of Mortuary Science in Louisville.  On May 30, 1967, he purchased the business from the Voss brothers.  He and his wife, Martha, worked at the funeral home together for many years. On January 19, 1999, Mark and Connie Adams bought the business from her parents, Ken and Martha Spoor.  They continue to operate the funeral home today.

Service after the Service……

We here at Voss Funeral Service pride ourselves in our “service after the service“.  Our staff will help your family with every step of the process of insurance claims, Social Security filing and Veterans Administration benefits.  We are also   knowledgeable in Medicaid application as it pertains to nursing home admission and pre-planning and purchase of funerals with our without pre-existing life insurance.

This Web Site……

This web site is not intended to replace the value of communicating face to face with an experienced professional to plan the details of a funeral.  Our staff can answer questions over the telephone, respond to an e-mail or come to your home or office.  As a family-owned business that has been serving Central Indiana for over 100 years, we are honored by the trust you have placed in us.  Our heartfelt thanks goes out to you from Voss and Sons and all of our associates.






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We currently list our obituaries in the Seymour Tribune. The obituaries contain personal information about the deceased, but also include visitation and burial locations and times. Our obituaries list the most recently passed first to make it easy to find someone.  Click on the Obituaries button at the top of the page to see the list and a full obituary.

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